Progetto 50 Colonna Cocktail
Progetto 50 Colonna Cocktail
Beauty is Eternity that looks at herself in a mirror; and we are eternity... and we are the mirror... Khalil Gibran

The exterior inlay is an explicit reference to the skyscrapers of Manhattan, which besides being the name of an important district of New York, is above all the name of one of the most famous whisky cocktails.

Six Wooden shelves covered in leather are provided For the accommodation of glasses in order to give stability and silence to the crystals.

Embellishing the tall unit are 18 personalized glasses between vintage champagne glass and martini, ice bucket and champagne bucket, kit complete of accessories for the preparation of cocktails, wine cooler and coffee maker.

The tall unit is equipped with bases and retractable shelves, volume in motion to find space dedicated to selected accessories, bottle holder and compartments to store specific tools.